Two poems

Author: Ekaterina Kostova

translated by Julian Geogrgiev


When words are gone

And thoughts are clouds


by the wind

of feelings –

gentle as the morning touch

or stormy, as a hundred rivers


on the steeper stones

of afternoon –

don’t speak, don’t try.


to your own silence

and drawn in it

the evening.

Deep blue

is the empty mind –

like the universe,


before the burst

of a new birth!

Between words

I’m left with books

and words in a foreign language

What’s said

is locked between the pages

And burst bougainvilleas in colour

of new alphabet.

It’s hard to learn to speak

in present days

With no anchors of tongues from the past.

Stranded on a deserted shore.

No sails, stretched to the last

by plans of a peaceful future…

I stay. I breathe. I learn.

I wait.

And never cease to love.

Discovering all the rest

in silence between words…

Може да харесате още...