About me

After 25 years of telling other people stories for the others, I thought it was time to start my own … diary 🙂 I would avoid the word „blog“ because I’m from the generation that a block (as it sounds when pronouncing a „blog“) means anything but a space in which words can be free.

I will remain faithful to f2f tv as a name because I still believe that f2f or face to face is the truest way to understand each other. Whatever you give him the opportunity to understand. And the TV extension is part of my life … something like a tail that dragged after me like a lizard without having to tear it off and continue without.

So: The EK comes from the name with which I have appeared in the world – Ekaterina Kostova. And if I started from the beginning, I would still want to be a Twin on the sign, a writer by soul, a mother by vocation. A 48-year-old girl who is still studying a new language in a new country. But she continues to write books in Bulgarian and to tell stories about Bulgarians around the world. Already with a diary to share with you my experience and opinion, to present you personal guests and personal choices – for example, how to find that the autumn of our lives can bring a scent and a taste of papaia …

Be with me, EK. Because maturity is the new youth 🙂